Company’s Coming….

You do things your way, we do them ours. Like, when guests are scheduled to arrive for a fun New Year’s weekend visit. We rip the whole upstairs apart.

up 3

up 2

up 1

What? You don’t wreck your house into a mess so big it’ll take days to put back together? Bless.

To be real, I could’ve titled this post –> The Weekend I Wanted to Kill My Husband. Except….I’ve had a few of those weekends in 26 years.

up up1

up up

The mess. Oh sweet balls of fire! The mess. It didn’t get completed as he promised before they arrived on Thursday afternoon late. Most of the floor was down but a few very difficult pieces kept the party from really taking off. What I mean is…there were tools, machines, garbage piles and chaos still laying everywhere while my friends (our friends) hauled their suitcases upstairs.

You may not know, I’m HIGH STRUNG. At the highest rung, strung!

I tried to be patient. I tried to be forgiving. But the reality is that I wanted to flip out and kick a sucker right in the throat! Yea, I’m nice like that.

Our visit was really strained because this albatross of a home improvement flashed like a neon sign every time I would reach the top of the staircase. It was a mess. Did I mention that yet?

up baby

up ward

But then like the parting of the clouds on a rainy day….our friends left for their long drive back to Alabama and the floors were complete. All the furniture was pulled out and put back in place. Every little scrap of garbage swept and even all the tools were taken back down to the garage (the garage that I can’t park in yet because….the floor job).

It was all like a dream.

So, let me tell you how much I love my new floor upstairs. I LOVE IT! I mean, I’ve only been asking for it since we finished the downstairs floors nearly 2 years ago. I’m ecstatic! However, I don’t recommend doing it when you have long-time friends coming to visit.

It could jeopardize all your NEW YEARS EVE fun or whatever crazy adventure you have planned. Trust me. I know things.

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