Queen Life


Queen Margeurite de Valois, her brother Francois and husband Henry King of Navarre

I’ve  been consumed by the feuding royal family of France during the 1500’s.  If you’ve ever read historical mumbo-jumbo (such as that)…..then you might understand the complicated story line I’ve burdened myself with.  These aristocratic…. detached French and Italian heirs of the throne prove to be serious changers of Religion and more in Renaissance France.



The worst part is that I’ve been too busy to sit down and finish it.  I’ve picked it up, read several chapters…..then, set it down to live life and repeated the process for a month.

Perhaps, the busy holidays are not the ideal months to read such deep, juicy, sordid historical nonsense.

Listen, mothers and daughters quarrel but these people?   They are ruthless!  I’m no perfect mama, I confess.  But, I’ll never understand the disconnect royal families live with as normal and acceptable behavior.

I’m almost finished and when I slam this joker closed….. I plan to write my 2 beautiful daughter’s a letter full of my undying love and admiration.


Queen mother, Catherine di Medici

If you don’t get along with family, chances are….they won’t kill you.   Count your blessings that you’re just a normal everyday citizen,  friends.

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