I Will, Gosh!

better choices
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Everybody knows with age comes wisdom, right?

At my age, I should be a smartie! I know what’s good for me and I surely know what’s not. Still, I choose the wrong things.

This weekend I caught a glimpse of myself (nekked & in the mirror) and ended up with a bad case of the blues. I know you’re not supposed to hate your body – but, I believe some hating it helps us to make important decisions. Like, eating garbage and not exercising when we see chub where skinny tight skin used to be. That’s a smidgen of good hate, right? Otherwise, we’d stay on the upward fatty train until Dr. Oz offers his camera crew to come film us and all our filthy eating habits that landed us homebound and unable to get out of bed.

Maybe I’m over-reacting.

I ended up downstairs on my local area Facebook sell page petitioning anyone with an old TREADMILL laying around to buy. No one’s selling. So, I have to take matters into my own hands and get up off my saggy bum and MOVE IT!

I’m not going to lose any weight or spruce up my heart health by eating whatever I want and never exercising. I have to make better choices. Every wander into the kitchen that I catch myself doing mindlessly has to be done with better intention.

Did you know just cutting back on carbs can equal dropping significant amounts of weight? It can. Avoiding the white things most common in our diets can too; Salt, white flour, sugar, potatoes! Still, I turn to those foods way too often for not only comfort but for the ease of a quick meal as well. I QUIT!

I think it’s important to note that I’m not a piggy over-eater. I never have been. Women everywhere can probably relate. Husbands can pack it away while we watch them eat whatever and they stay thin while we turn into potato pancakes just for being nearby. It’s no fair but what can we do? We have all the hormones that make us women while they have these super metabolisms that burn up every Dorito and french fry! Lord, help us!

In heaven, I’ll be perfect.

Until then, I promise to make better choices. I WILL MAKE GOOD CHOICES! I WILL! GOSH!

My New Plan:

1) Cut back (not completely) on carbs
2) Eat more protein, veggies and superfoods
3) Move it, get up, stop sitting for long hours
4) Do stretches
5) Practice breathing (this is very important – you lose this ability the older you get)
6) Do TABATA Go HERE and read what it is.

Will you make good choices? Come on, join me!

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