Is It Really That Cold?

4 degree

I won’t beat around the frozen bush, it’s cold! Like, 10 degrees. When I woke up this morning it was a shivery 4 degrees outside. Schools all over Indiana were on a 2-hour delay, not mine.

What a sad state of reality, huh?

I labored on, I’m a dedicated substitute you guys. I’m no quitter! Unless I’m expected to work outside and then MAMA’S GOT ANOTHER PLAN! Can subs call in? 🙂

It’s funny how the sun is shining bright right now but by tonight the snow will come crashing down to the tune of 3-5 inches.

I’m subbing 1/2 day tomorrow…, I’m sure if there is a delay (which I totally doubt) I’ll still be able to make it across my country road to school.


snowy s


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