Be Fruit Inspectors

In 365 days America will swear in a brand new President. Who will it be? Will it be a big-mouth big-shot say-what-people-want-to-hear business guru? Or will it be a woman who can’t seem to see the importance of being honest or responsible for her shortcomings?

Or will Americans snap out of it and see these two humans for what they really are, baffoons?

Almost monthly, candidates are wrangling it out at the debates. Americans watch in anticipation of seeing who will deliver the best zingers or come out clearly leading the pack. Some of the debates have been downright ridiculous. From the hosts wacky loaded questions (that have nothing to do with real issues) to needless biting remarks back and forth between the candidates.

Americans deserve quality candidates to pick from.

Sadly, the choices at the top of the polls bother me. On both sides. It’s political mayhem, really. I blame the current status of leadership. Or lack thereof.

Turn on the tv and take a listen or pull up a blurb of news – you’ll find the finger-pointing President cowardly complaining about what’s wrong with America all while living the life of a megastar that jet-sets around on vacations and rubs elbows with all the WHO’S WHO. You know, because….he can! All while continuing to be a god-like figure to liberals everywhere.

Meanwhile, the conservative folks fight it out tearing one another a new one with every little poke and jab they can. Almost like a self-imploding gang of crazies! Anyone on the outside looking in can see the “right” thinking wannabees are blazing down a path of complete self-destruction.

We’re shooting our own party in the foot with this kind of clawing it out behavior.

Listen, I’m certain of who I believe is a true and viable candidate for the office of President. Yet, the ones with the biggest mouths and the most power seem to kick their way to the top…knocking the truly deserved ones out of the way.

I’ve watched, I’ve listened and I’ve paid attention to the actions of the Presidential hopefuls. I’ve read up, I’ve investigated accusations and I’ve sat quietly by while the media, friends and strangers voiced their opinions as to who THEY ARE VOTING FOR.

I’m not a follower. Not in any circumstance of my life do I follow what the pack is doing. I make my own decisions based on faith and character. Which is why I can’t believe Christians are so quick to jump on a particular candidates bandwagon when he clearly is not a person of the Christian faith.

It’s become pretty common in our country to slap religion in the face (unless of course, it’s the Muslim faith). In today’s world, holding to any religious values makes you appear a fool or out of date. I couldn’t disagree with that thinking more. Our need for God is beyond what our society can even comprehend. It’s time that we focus on electing GODLY leaders and stop searching for rockstars or power mongers.

America is great (thanks Donald Trump for saying so)! Our future is dependent upon the ones we select to make us greater! I’ve had it with wormy whiny fault-finding leaders. I’m sick to death of being laughed at by radicals and for my fellow citizens being targeted by ISIS murderers.

Aren’t you?

Before you jump up and down about WHO YOU’RE VOTING FOR – make sure that person isn’t just the one shouting the loudest at all the rallies. Take the time to learn important personal truths about that person. Don’t be a follower. Pave your own path to picking a person of quality to lead our country.

Inspect the fruit of their life.

Are they followers of Christ in name only?
Do they prove the need for a savior with their lifestyle?
Do they understand basic principles of faith?
Are they living a life worthy of calling themselves Christian?
Can you see God’s love in who they are?
Do they admittedly understand forgiveness and recognize they need it? To give it? And to ask for it?

Our country is in deep trouble. Don’t go along just because the crowd is leaning one way and you don’t want to look silly. Vote with a heart of faith.

fear the lord

And pray. Picking a President is serious business and four to eight years is a long time to try again.

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