Day 11 – Admire & Adore


These two. I’ll tell ya, they steal my heart. I can’t look at them without feeling all those mushy squeaky heart feels. Both of them make me happy in a million different ways but put them together and I’m a squishy pile of putty.

I adore him and I adore him even more when he shows love to something important to me. Like, Miss Lizzy. She can’t offer him much but she completely hands over all her loyalty and trust without even considering her options. She’s a dog and right now she’s the shaggiest looking mess (that’s what he was trying to point out to me – LIKE I DON’T KNOW) but he cares about her and he isn’t ashamed to show it.

That’s admirable.

Does your true love know how much you admire them? Do you show your love and adoration for who they are in your life? It takes work. Imagine if we never pulled the ones we love close to us and looked into their eyes. How loved would they feel?

Each of us need to feel admired and adored. Just like Miss Lizzy. She loved getting a little attention from Dad. I mean, what girl wouldn’t want some tall handsome cowboy sweeping her up off the floor for some lovin?

Day 11 Challenge: Admire & Adore (the ones you love)


1) Pull them close to you, full-on arms squeezed tight.
2) Look into their eyes, every single day.
3) Tell them how much they mean to you.
4) Show them how awesome you think they are.
5) Spread it around. Wear your feelings on your shirtsleeve!

Go ahead. Do it. You know why? Because when you show love and admiration for someone, it lights them up like a fireworks show. You won’t be able to stand all the return love you’re going to receive!

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