Day 12 – Pay Attention


I’ve mentioned cellphones here before because they can cause a lot of misery if we’re not careful about how we use them.


I’m not saying NEVER use your phone.  What I’m telling you is to be polite about it.  My hubby has a couple flaws (just a couple ) and one of them falls into the “checked out” category.   He doesn’t even know he’s doing it…..but, he goes off into lala land (thank you  ADHD!) and stays lost there for h o u r s!

It’s difficult to feel loved or even important for a gal like me whose #1 Love Language is QUALITY TIME.  So, I end up feeling mad or hurt when he holds his phone up to his face for hours on end.

I can’t compete.

My challenge today is all about PAYING ATTENTION!


It’s not impossible to set down your phone,  computer, book, project or whatever it is that takes your attention away from your loved ones.  You won’t die.  You probably won’t even miss anything while you’re away.  Unplug for a certain amount of time, every day.

Show the ones you love that they are important to you by being present.

It’s going to be a great weekend full of love.  It starts with you!

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