How Awkward Are You?


I’m weird & awkward at all the worst times.

stall staring

As a rule, I NEVER LOOK in the crack of the door in a public restroom stall. E V E R !! I know, crazy. But, I’m usually the person on the pot who gets the eyeball peek from some other weird person standing outside. Not cool, not cool at all people! Don’t, just don’t do that. And, if you do….instead of holding your stare, move along and stop looking. You sicko!

Being awkward is just a part of life.

wave dude

Right this very minute, some sucker somewhere is wanting to drop off the earth for misspeaking or acting odd in what can only be described as a social situation gone wrong.

Maybe you’ve experienced one of these:

Ever gone in for a big high-five and missed? Yea, me too.

Ever been in the stall when someone knocked and (you) sat silent? No way, I never do that. Who are you people not answering??

Someone sneezes. Do you say anything? Then, they sneeze again. Drats! God bless you?

Try to find the straw with your tongue and miss?

Step up for a curb when there is no up while walking along? Oh yea, just counting horsey-style!

Forget someone’s name?

Greet someone with a handshake and they go in for the hug?

Mess up the words to a song? Really loud?

Walk into the wrong restroom? I’ve done it, twice. I’ll never forget.

Or laugh when the situation is very serious? Eeek!

staring again

Look, if you think awkward only happens to you – I’ve got good news. It doesn’t. Next time you find yourself in the middle of an embarrassing moment, laugh. Might as well, right?


No one’s taking you completely serious anyway.


Happy Wednesday, friends!!

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