Don’t Say Umm

Want to break a bad habit? One of the worst habits for English speaking people has to be using the NON-words umm or uhh. Both are a guttural sound used to fill space, perhaps…..used mostly while a person is thinking of what they want to say next. Or maybe even as part of your language if you are a surfer dude.


I hate it.

However, I use it more than the law should allow and I’d love to kick the poor habit for good. It has a way of making a person sound unintelligent or caught off guard. Neither of which are a good position to be in.

But, good news…I’ve got a great training tool to help you & me STOP using UMM & UHH forever. Or at least help us to crush it down to a minimum. Using real words with real meaning takes serious concentration and this game or impromptu will sharpen you up in no time.

In a group, each person write a topic on a piece of paper, throw them in a hat and pass it around. Each person chooses a topic/paper and for 2 minutes tries their very best to speak on that topic without ever uttering the word umm. The object is to NOT use filler words such as uhh or umm. Once the person speaking does, they are out!

Now, if you think you’re not an umm abuser…this little group practice will open your eyes to just how often you use it. Stopping a bad habit like this can be a total boost to your speaking style.

Don’t you hate hearing umm?

Or am I the only one?

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