What has a beginning but has no end? Being a mother.

I have a heart full of MOMents.

swim g

I keep them filed away in my mind.

cry g

I’m proud to say being a mother has been my greatest accomplishment.

baby kid

In a world full of people, the ones you mother become the ones that matter the most.

baby ga

To get a peek at how much God loves you and me – He gives us children to love.

girl bikes

Some feel like they have to give up important things in life to be a mother. I say, the most important thing I’ve ever done is mother.

beatiful boy

God creatively places each child with the perfect mother. Not that she’s perfect just that she’s perfect for her child.

ally liz

Some mother’s get lots of choices while others only get one.


The days are long but the time is short. Enjoy the journey because it’s fast & furious!


If I could choose a favorite memory – I’d say every day. Even the ones that didn’t seem to matter much.


Which isn’t really true. They all matter.

mom ga

Every day, Mom’s have an opportunity to love and invest in who their children will someday be.

mom all

Loving someone who throws up in your car, draws on your walls and keeps you up at night is like the boot camp of life.

mom gav

Not every person is lovable. Not every kid is loved.

moments 3

Being a mom taught me to love someone more than I ever love myself. And that was a lot.

mom 1

I didn’t quite grasp the gravity of actually mothering 3 children every day until they were all grown up. Still, they turned out pretty darn good.


Like most other moms, I’ve stomped down the tough times. I hide them or try to scatter them like a pile of papers in the wind. Who wants to linger over the big goofs!?


Thankfully, children are pretty forgiving. They want you to succeed even when you’re convinced they are trying their hardest to flunk you.


Don’t ever ask for patience in mothering. It’s a useless waste of time. Ask for energy. You’re going to use more of it than you ever believe you have.

my boy g

Being a mother isn’t our only job. For those of us with a husband – we still have to love his socks off. Especially in front of our kids.

him y

It’ll be worth it later. You’re kind of stuck together. And it’s a good thing!

girls nap

Forgiving yourself has to be a regular everyday decision. There’s no way to be a mom without making huge mistakes.


If I never live to be an old old woman….. My heart and life could not feel any fuller. My very best parts of me are the 3 people God hand-picked just for me – to mother!




mom fam

Happy Mother’s Day, friends.

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