Like Mother Like Daughters

Mother’s Day 2016! My new favorite weekend! I spent it with my two beautiful girls and I don’t remember a single stressful moment! They are so much fun!

stand up

They spent their whole weekend JUST hanging out with me. Every time I’m with them, I realize just how similar to me (they both are). Each of them, uniquely coupled with some minute part of me. It’s a lot of fun to compare behaviors and attitudes….until they’re NOT flattering ones. Then, I just pretend I have NO IDEA what they are talking about. Hehe!


Who knew we’d be twinning when we came downstairs to go shopping?

As if, once was not enough…
copy catty

We didn’t even call each other!! Ha!

Geez, are we alike or what?


It was a little too rainy and cold for me to get in the hot-tub so Ally and I bonded through the window!

hot tub

Just about everything we do is filled with some sort of shenanigan!


They blow me away with their sweetness!

By the way, I love every gift they lavished upon me but the greatest part of my weekend was having them around to fill up my heart with more of them!


Oh, my gifts!! Earrings, 2 gorgeous orchids, PINK TULIPS (from Bryce, Gates boyfriend), beautiful pictures of my boy in Columbia, a cute t-shirt dress and the coolest COW PICTURE ever!! And, they cleaned the kitchen after Sunday lunch!

my boooy

cow man

My hubby can’t stop himself either (gifts are his love language). Not only did I get a new purse, he manicured our yard to a perfect lush green haven, he built a gorgeous wooden top for a wrought iron table stand (I love), worked on my car, cleaned up the garage and finished a wooden bench for me to paint. He was hustlin!! All weekend long, while I partied like I was away with my best girlfriends!!

It was fabulous!

I really missed my boy!! But, he called from Texas and we ate lunch while he told us all about what’s happening in his life there.

girl po

Mother’s Day 2016!! My favorite ME weekend, ever! Thank you kids, I love each of you so much!!

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