Do I Look That Old?


older me

I am completely aware of how old I am. However, I am also a victim of denial.

Until, I see myself in a picture.

old as heck

…..and I say, DANG! I LOOK OLD AS HECK!


I was just…..________!

lizzy rides

Who cares? Clearly, not Miss Lizzy! She loves me, no matter how crusty and chubby I get look.

The most challenging part of the aging process… the pain. Everything hurts and none of it feels “normal”. Every new ache feels sharp and fatal. As if, perhaps….the end is near!

With the pains, come the feeble forgetful mind. Nothing sticks in the brain anymore. Except old song lyrics. Those hang on and it’s a good thing because when a good 80’s song comes on the radio, your hubby will be so impressed that you know every word!

Isn’t God funny?

Here’s the good news. I’m cool with looking my age. I’ve earned it. No one, not even those with endless amounts of money to fend off looking older get to stay young. We all grow older. It’s a privilege. Not everyone gets to meander through a long life.

I want to get old. I want to live a long time. I want to see my kids get married, have kids and live a full life. I won’t even mind looking like a real granny. Granny’s are beloved!

I can’t wait for a whole new generation to love and love me back.

Until then, I’m just going to live my life and enjoy the process, aches and pains to boot. It’s a sure sign that I’M ALIVE AND WELL!

me and my sweet new ride

Even if I look like my mother! Is that you, Mom?

my mama

Now, go on….LIVE!!!

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