The Difference Between Dogs & Cats

Dog owners are my kind of people.

dog power

As I stood in line behind a guy chatting it up with the clerk yesterday….I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation about their cats.

The chat was rather lengthy as they compared notes on each cat and their habits & attitudes. However, when they both pulled out their phones and clicked on several pictures of their furry little people haters (I know, come at me cat people!)….

I had to speak up!


They, lost in their own little cat loving world hadn’t noticed the line forming behind them and that everyone was listening to their dog-dissing yacking! The guy had the nerve to even say, “Dog people are just weird!”.


NO, HE DIDN’T! (fightin’ words!)

I’m no pet expert but I am a dog lover and I’ve had a few million cats over my lifetime. The two, do not compare. While I believe fully that cats can be really cool (I totally dig my Aunt Pat’s cat, Tom!) for the most part…. cats are weird. They have completely different personalities than dogs and usually call all the shots in the relationship.

Dogs are people-pleasers! Cats are cat-pleasers!

There, I said it.

See the difference?

cat people

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