Harambe the Harmless Gorilla


What a great weekend…unless you are a harmless helpless gorilla living in zoo captivity in Cincinatti, Ohio. Wait, you’re not? Oh, that’s right….YOU ARE A BREATHING LIVING HUMAN BEING! You wouldn’t be caught “dead” living in zoo captivity, am I right? Of course I am, because again, you. are. a. human. being.

A person. Just like the 4 year old that fell into the gorilla’s pen. A person.

I wish I could say how shocked I am at the internet firestorm over this gorilla’s death. Once again, society raises up such a ruckus over an animal yet will ridicule and scream as loud as they can over the right to kill an unborn child. Yep, I went there…again!

I mean, really. What the heck is wrong with this world that a very dangerous gorilla (whom, I assure you did not want to be best buddies with that child!!) is lauded more important than the life of a PERSON? Oh, wait….the same society who doesn’t give a rip about unwanted children created through whatever means just that it is an inconvenience to them. That society.

Seriously. Stop.

People. Imagine, just imagine for one second that being your child. Or a person that you love. Would you really want the zoo staff scrambling to get a tranquilizer that takes T I M E to even do it’s thing? Meanwhile, your kid or loved one is at the hands of this very disgruntled gorilla?

Uhm, no. I’m going to pass on that scenario. No thank you!

What is it with people who find this necessary act so heinous?

Is it sad? Yes.

Is it tragic? Yes.

Is it something that could have been avoided? Probably.

Did the child who fell deserve to die because he got away from mom & dad? No.

I refuse to let this crazy terrible situation be glamourized as some sort of animal rights frenzy. Good grief. Use your brains, animal people. And, for goodness sakes….put this in the right perspective.

A human life is more valuable than any animal. Always.

Kudos to you Cincinnati Zoo!! While I mourn the loss of your beloved Harambe, I praise God for your quick action that spared the life of someone’s child. Good call.

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