My Other Man

my son 26

Pssst, I love a man that’s not my hubby!

He’s a fine young man who looks almost identical to his Dad, thinks much the same as his Dad and because God has such a cool way of “sharing the love” the kid got A LOT OF MY PERSONALITY! The dude is a winner winner chicken dinner!

Now that he’s all grown….you’d think my job is complete. Do mom’s really ever leave the business? The MOM business? I don’t think they so. The truth is – now… more than ever, he’s looking to me for real life knowledge. The pressure….

Before, he needed all the things that my mom nurturing provided; physical touch, emotional love, food, clothing, education, playtime, freedom to grow, willingness to overlook shenanigans. At 26, he needs me to step into the role of adult mom; to listen, to advise, to share with, to encourage…and more. Oh, more pressure…

gav preg

In my head, I can still see him as a pudgy little sweet baby boy. I can pull straight out of my mom file all sorts of cute questions, funny moments, big boo-boo’s and happy smiles. He has been a dream boy to raise. Surely, all moms feel that way about their boys.


Mine is special. He’s special because he belongs to me.

birthday g

Happy birthday son. I love you and I’m so proud of you.

gav b d

Even 26, you’re still my kid! I am so blessed.

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