Goodbye Worst Summer Ever

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Summer 2016 has officially come to an end. My precious summer gone! The days of sleeping in and hanging out around the pool, going without makeup for days…..over. I’ll miss you, summer!

I can’t help but grovel about what a lousy ending it closed out with this year. I mean, who can call summer awesome when your hubby loses his job? The job that sustains all your well-being? I don’t think there’s a person alive that would say, “Yea, best summer ever!”.

Suck it, summer 2016!

Never one to just sit around and sulk, I’m getting busy. I have a life to live and I have things I want to do. Even if the most needed part of my life is topsy turvy.

If you’ve ever wondered where your next paycheck was going to come from, then you understand topsy turvy. Thanks to this maddening situation, my entire family is feeling upside down. Who can blame them? Imagine being 2 months from turning 50 and losing your job!

Who wants to hire the guy that’s been around the block? He costs more than say, young dude out of college. Jobs are not a hot commodity these days.

So, I’m really feeling ticked!

I’m angry that my precious summer was wrecked by such a thoughtless and cowardly “business” move. I’m mad! I have every right to be mad too. My hubby left another job, I left my job & friends & kids behind to follow this little pipe dream of a job offer. And this is how it ends?


I’m learning, even at almost 50 years old that people will use you and throw you away when they’re finished with you. And the hardest part? Is that they’ll never even give it a second thought. It’s like being in a flavor of the month club. You’re special or important until they decide they don’t need you anymore.

I don’t want to hear one more pathetic word about THIS IS JUST BUSINESS! That’s crap! Smart business people don’t wreck people and then just get away with it. I’m learning, that…yes, they do.

As a believer, I don’t think powerful decision makers get a free run over the little people under them. God is still King. He is still reigning over His children. He judges the heart and the intentions. He sees the injustice and He rights the wrongs.

Because of that…’s my only hope of surviving the stress of my hubby losing his job. God will bless. He also will hold accountable those who misuse their power. My prayer is that He will close out this summer with all the HOPE I can carry and that my worries will fade just as quickly as the summer has.

Goodbye worst summer ever.

god time

I know You have my future in Your Hands. Help me focus on Your goodness and Your mercy. My life is but a vapor. Let it be worthy in Your eyes.

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