Throwing Me Back

I’m on my way to the dentist….spent the afternoon with the gyno yesterday and writhed in pain all night last night with my left hand (affectionately known to me now as CURLY because it’s gnarled up and won’t open at all).

So, yea…..had to have help putting on my bra and I’m not even bothering with brushing my hair. But, I’m still smiling. Sort of, anyway. Wait til all the shots get me like YEOWCH at 12 today. 🙂

Here’s something to blow your dang mind on this Thursday baby!

Look back to the 80’s with a few senior pics! Good times. No janked up cavities to be refilled, no gnarly curled up hands and zero responsibilities. Woo to the Hoo, y’all.

I may be “older” but I’m still kickin!

tb mama

And for my final share…… serious attitude face. Fierce! Before fierce was a thing. hehe

tb tb

What a little bitty, huh? Geez, it’s as if …. she knows how this 2 hour dental appointment is about to go. AM I RIGHT?

Oh young me!! You make me laugh. Grow up!

PS.  As I was pulling out of my garage to trek to the dentist and because God has the greatest sense of humor….my very thoughtful Gynecologist called me, personally to inform me that I am indeed in the midst of menopause!  Well, it was a good life.  Goodbye now, I’m on the way to glory!!  Thank you very much!

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