Olympic Exhaustion

The Olympics are going to kill me.  I know, I’m being dramatic but how many more nights can I stay up watching into the early morning hours and not kill over from sleep deprivation? Come on, NBC. Give us a break!

Oh…him  yea, well so the guy is some sort of super human water machine.  

It looked to me like he was pretty much all alone in that race for gold last night.

Michael Michael Michael!  How do you do it?  While I’m over here complaining about staying up so late.  Humph!

Any who.  The gymnastics are my jam!  But, dang!!  So. Late.

Can’t we run these events earlier?  How are school-aged kids tuning in?

Even the Baltimore Ravens stopped their NFL ballgame last night to watch Phelps smoke another GOLD medal!

This is a time for dreaming!!

I remember…..Nadia!  I was glued, obsessed and driven to be her.  I flipped my way into every room in my house.

Gymnastics filled my every afternoon and Saturday’s too.  I competed on a team all through elementary grades and never once wanted to skip practice or events.

I wanted to be her!

Sadly, every single item from my gymnastic days is long gone.  My house burned down taking every pic, trophy and leotard with it. 

The only thing I still have….are my gymnast legs!

lay gs

Yea, I know. I’m getting ready to do something. Just wait.


Oh, ok…so that’s not so hard. Whatevs man.

la gy

At least I can still do this …


(Cue the music: I believe I can fly!!)

And they are 2 months from turning 5 0

    so, don’t ask me to do a round-off into the living room! I might hurt myself!

    Go USA!!!

    Happy Friyay friends!

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