This is Just a Test

My life the last year has oftentime felt like a big ole test. Some of the days, I zinged right through the questions…other days, I sat dumb-founded looking over every section of the test (my life) begging God for some multiple choice questions just to have a 1 in 4 chance to pass that sucker!

Truth is, we usually earn exactly what we deserve.

Today, my hubby is back in the cubby hole lockdown of a testing center across town for the 2nd time in the last 2 weeks. On purpose!

He’s taking one of the hardest tests an IT nerd can take, the PMP or Project Management Professionals test. This test only has a 50% pass rate, it’s that difficult. Just to qualify to take the test, a candidate has to acquire countless hours of actual experience and attain difficult educational credits as well and a few other time consuming qualifications. They do not just hand out this certification. The qualified or certified PMP’s are a very small gaggle of people.

He’s good enough to join that group. I know it.

But, that test.

Whew, it is a killer!

What I know about Jesus in times like these is that HE IS ABLE to open up any mind and pull out any lost info from whatever brain cell it takes. All the studying can begin to run together and the mind can just go numb with knowledge….but, Jesus. He can spark a flame where dustbunnies have taken up residence! 50% pass rate shmash shmate!

He can do it. With God’s help, he can pass!

I know every good & perfect thing comes directly from you. It is an honor to make it this far in the PMP process. I pray over my very smart and willing husband that you will work through him as he sits for hours today taking this test. You know exactly what he needs and you even know the final outcome. I implore you….help him pass! Either way, I trust You. I believe You. I love you.

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