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This is Just a Test

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

My life the last year has oftentime felt like a big ole test. Some of the days, I zinged right through the questions…other days, I sat dumb-founded looking over every section of the test (my life) begging God for some multiple choice questions just to have a 1 in 4 chance to pass that sucker!

Truth is, we usually earn exactly what we deserve.

Today, my hubby is back in the cubby hole lockdown of a testing center across town for the 2nd time in the last 2 weeks. On purpose!

He’s taking one of the hardest tests an IT nerd can take, the PMP or Project Management Professionals test. This test only has a 50% pass rate, it’s that difficult. Just to qualify to take the test, a candidate has to acquire countless hours of actual experience and attain difficult educational credits as well and a few other time consuming qualifications. They do not just hand out this certification. The qualified or certified PMP’s are a very small gaggle of people.

He’s good enough to join that group. I know it.

But, that test.

Whew, it is a killer!

What I know about Jesus in times like these is that HE IS ABLE to open up any mind and pull out any lost info from whatever brain cell it takes. All the studying can begin to run together and the mind can just go numb with knowledge….but, Jesus. He can spark a flame where dustbunnies have taken up residence! 50% pass rate shmash shmate!

He can do it. With God’s help, he can pass!

I know every good & perfect thing comes directly from you. It is an honor to make it this far in the PMP process. I pray over my very smart and willing husband that you will work through him as he sits for hours today taking this test. You know exactly what he needs and you even know the final outcome. I implore you….help him pass! Either way, I trust You. I believe You. I love you.

Slamming the Door to 2016

Friday, December 30th, 2016

It’s not been my year.

Or well, maybe it has.

It’s been the year I struggled through a debilitating and ridiculous diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis and then found out I had carpal tunnel in both hands. It’s been the year I blessedly walked through menopause (ain’t that a piece of cake? Fruitcake maybe. But, not wedding cake). It’s been the year that my lifestyle took a major hit when my hubby lost his job and the year that humbled me beyond an nth of my pride.

Maybe it’s been my year, afterall. I mean, at least it picked on me and not someone that I dearly love, right?

All I know, is 2016 can get lost and stay lost!

blo 2016

I read a sweet and heartfelt post this week after the loss of another celebrity that challenged fans to stop cursing 2016 for taking people of fame. The writer certainly didn’t mean for anyone to not feel sad at the loss of someone dear…she simply pointed out that as humans, we have a great tendency to focus on the most negative of moments and make them bigger than they deserve.

Note: A death is huge. Really. But losing your dang mind over a super star passing away is a bit much.

I loved the advice the writer gave and I especially loved her sharing how wonderful 2016 had been to her personally. The year brought a beautiful baby into her life and a new job for her hubby….and lots more special moments that SHOULD BE CELEBRATED. I realized while reading that a lot of the ugly stuff that life slams on a person hadn’t really had it’s chance yet to punch her in the face. Sadly, it will inevitably come her way and I pray that she has the tenacity to hang in there and take it. Still praising God in spite of the trouble.

My year, the ironic and hilarious year I chose MOVE as my Word of the Year, year… has been harsh and challenging! It’s tried to do me completely in. But, I’m still here. Perhaps a little more cynical….definitely a little less trusting and certainly different than I was last year.


I won’t be picking a WORD of the Year this year. The last one nearly killed me and it hasn’t actually quite finished with me yet even though I cleared it from my cache. I’m staying as far away from cutesy ideas as I possibly can because real life don’t play! And while the idea of choosing a word can be to challenge yourself….I feel like I have done my part in playing along in the UFC fight of life this year.

Instead, I’ll just do my best to keep my head above water and to live in the moment of my life. If I’ve learned anything through this struggle it’s that I don’t control stop trying. Be still and let God.

I’m looking ahead – but, I’m not assuming.

I’m trusting God – but, I’m not expecting.

I’m giving God control – really, have you been listening to my life?

I’m dying to self – again, have you heard anything I’ve said here?

I’m not giving up – God hasn’t called me to heaven yet.

blog post

Here’s to 2017!


5 Simple Rules for Happiness

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

1. Free your heart from hatred.

love hate

2. Let go of worries.


3. Live simply.

live simpl

4. Give more.

give it

5. Expect nothing.

expect a tion

Happiness doesn’t just come to everyone naturally. If you’ve lived longer than elementary school days – you know that life has the tendency to become hairy at times. Failures, disappointments, over-active imaginations, insecurities, comparison game….these are things that rob us from the joy God has lavishly offered.

I’ve had a little experience with wanting to hate someone who’s hurt you. It doesn’t punish them, only you or me. Give that junk up!

I’ve worried myself sick over situations that never amounted to much of anything. Give that habit to Jesus!

I’ve bought things I didn’t need, I’ve hoarded junk that should’ve been let go of long ago and I’ve lived above my means. Give me Jesus, that’s all I really need.

I’ve squandered my money, keeping it to myself and let satan have a field day with the fact that I’m always broke. I’d rather be a giver than a taker, any day.

I’ve felt let down by people, places and my own shortcomings too many times. The only peace I can have with expectation is the kind that comes from a Matthew 6:33 kind of place — “SEEK THE KINGDOM OF GOD ABOVE ALL ELSE, AND LIVE RIGHTEOUSLY, AND HE WILL GIVE ME EVERYTHING I NEED.”

My joy doesn’t hinge on anyone else in this world other than me.

Thank you for never changing. My life is in your capable hands, I just have to live it and live it in abundance because of You.

10 Sure Things I’ve Found to be True

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

my life erma

1. What I avoid – is what I need to confront the most.

I’m determined to change this terrible habit. I have all sorts of intentions regarding all kinds of “important” issues yet I run from actually tackling any of them.


2. Every person believes their opinion is the correct opinion.

Yep, it’s true. Some of us are actually even right. Wow. When you find yourself in a situation that involves opinions – it’s always a good rule to find a way to lovingly agree to disagree. No one person is correct, all the time.

Fight your battles lovingly.

3. Having a healthy sense of humor is good for your health.

Life is funny. It’s also sad, frustrating, wicked, horrible & even ironic at times. I’ve found that if I don’t take everything so personally or dwell on the negative, I can find a way to laugh about a lot of life’s curve balls.

Smiling a lot goes hand in hand with laughter.

4. New experiences teach me to be a life-long learner.

I pray for God to open my eyes, ears and heart to new things every day. I don’t want to be stuck in the rut of only knowing a little bit about this world. Teach me, show me and make me wiser than I was yesterday.

Know-it-all people are annoying.

5. Living with regret cripples your future.

No one escapes this life without making a few mistakes. Allowing them to destroy us goes directly against what God sent his son to do, redeem us. I believe what God’s word says about being made new. I’m not my dumb mistakes – I can move on and do better.

Jesus knew I’d need help.

6. I’m responsible for me.

What is it about our ability to push our choices, actions and words onto other people? What I say, I have to be willing to own. What I do, I have to be willing to take responsibility for. What I choose, I have to make sure is right for me and remember I don’t have to force anyone else to choose that for their life because it’s what I chose for mine.

Keep yours to yourself.

7. Everyone has a story.

Mine is practically an open book. I try to imagine that other’s have experienced tragedies, loss, abuse and more when I catch myself making a frowny-face at their behavior or attitude. Not everyone has been treated with love & affection or kindness & acceptance.

Remember that when you want to argue with someone different than you.

8. Kids will imitate you in every way.

I read a post recently about a teenager out of control. I know this is going to sound “judgy” but adolescent kids don’t just suddenly decide to be jackholes. Signs of misbehavior had to have been there, somewhere along the way. Raising good kids to be amazing adults starts with us being ON OUR FREAKING GAME every day in front of our kids. That’s why they say parents never get a day off. What they see in us they will ultimately repeat.


9. God isn’t waiting for you to mess up.

He isn’t that kind of God, in spite of what the world wants you to believe. He loves you (even when you fail). He loves you (even when you’re depressed). He loves you (even when you are horrible). He loves you (even when you don’t love Him). He loves you. He wants you to live knowing nothing you do can stop His love for you.

This is reason enough to love Him back.

10. My worse day is better than some people’s best day.

It’s ugly outside of my comfy little life. My problems are pretty pathetic when you hold them up beside a child sold into sex slavery or a woman whose had to witness the murder of her husband & children and then be raped by the killers. How can I ever believe that my troubles are so big? I hope to never be so naive that I think I’ve got it rough.

Being satisfied is becoming a thing of the past.

What is it that you for sure know? Does it spar you on to put life into a manageable perspective? The truth is, we could all have it much worse.

Night Six

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

I’m really not one of those women. You know the ones. The nervous scaredy-cat kind that flip out staying by themselves? No, I’m not like that. I like alone time. I’m a “resty” kind of person. Naps, quiet house and chill time are all positives to me.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my hustle-bustle lifestyle too. My house is busy and full most of the time which probably explains why laying low is so appealing to me. I’m a chameleon. I adapt to whatever season I’m in.

Last night marked the 6th night of sleeping alone without my hubby snuggled close. I can’t complain (hello, military families?)! All I can do is tell you how strange it is for us to be apart this long. We just don’t do this. It’s weird for me to be on my own.

I’ve used my time wisely. My house is clean. The dog is washed smelly good. The meals have been easy (cooking for girls is a piece of cake) and tis the season for McRib deliciousness! So last night we ate like queens. Thank you McDonald’s! I feel guilty living so fancy! 😉

Until bedtime.

Then I remember I’m still home alone without the man God gave me. I miss him, even his annoying stuff. I’ve grown accustomed to him being around and bossing me. Hehe! Ok, he tries to boss me. I boss back! Bedtime fills my mind with all the things I need him around to handle.

I have four more nights of listmaking to go. Honestly, I’ll be glad to see Halloween arrive. It’s not because I have a sweet costume to wear either. My hubby & son land SAFELY in Indy (back where they belong) and I will once again have a full nest.

Honey, if you’re reading. Don’t get weird and worry that you have to rush home. We’re fine. Enjoy this time with your family. Live on the edge in the Utopia that is called Wenatchee, WA. Spend some free time having fun with all that God is blessing you with right now. We’ll be back on the LIFE treadmill very soon. You deserve a good break! XO

Now you tell me….Do you like when your hubby travels or do you spend your time missing him?