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Night Six

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

I’m really not one of those women. You know the ones. The nervous scaredy-cat kind that flip out staying by themselves? No, I’m not like that. I like alone time. I’m a “resty” kind of person. Naps, quiet house and chill time are all positives to me.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my hustle-bustle lifestyle too. My house is busy and full most of the time which probably explains why laying low is so appealing to me. I’m a chameleon. I adapt to whatever season I’m in.

Last night marked the 6th night of sleeping alone without my hubby snuggled close. I can’t complain (hello, military families?)! All I can do is tell you how strange it is for us to be apart this long. We just don’t do this. It’s weird for me to be on my own.

I’ve used my time wisely. My house is clean. The dog is washed smelly good. The meals have been easy (cooking for girls is a piece of cake) and tis the season for McRib deliciousness! So last night we ate like queens. Thank you McDonald’s! I feel guilty living so fancy! 😉

Until bedtime.

Then I remember I’m still home alone without the man God gave me. I miss him, even his annoying stuff. I’ve grown accustomed to him being around and bossing me. Hehe! Ok, he tries to boss me. I boss back! Bedtime fills my mind with all the things I need him around to handle.

I have four more nights of listmaking to go. Honestly, I’ll be glad to see Halloween arrive. It’s not because I have a sweet costume to wear either. My hubby & son land SAFELY in Indy (back where they belong) and I will once again have a full nest.

Honey, if you’re reading. Don’t get weird and worry that you have to rush home. We’re fine. Enjoy this time with your family. Live on the edge in the Utopia that is called Wenatchee, WA. Spend some free time having fun with all that God is blessing you with right now. We’ll be back on the LIFE treadmill very soon. You deserve a good break! XO

Now you tell me….Do you like when your hubby travels or do you spend your time missing him?