Hit That Altar…or The Floor, Whichever

Want to know what you’re really like? Experience some sort of loss or stress and there you will most likely see the real you. It may seem unfair to think of yourself like that because we all experience rough patches and WHO WANTS TO BE JUDGED BY THAT? Right?

Over the weekend, the packing and moving hit a terrible crazy point. Emotions were flying, arguing (intense fellowship’n) over every little thing and finally a ridiculous blow-up! Yea, we are intense!

Every single ugly day of the last year & a half sort of came to a head right in the middle of the disaster of a garage. All the anger, pent up frustration and even RESENTMENT for what we’re having to do just poured out!

I can’t answer why it had to reach that point but I felt God stop me in my tracks once I slipped in my rainboots and fell to the floor of the disgusting garage! Yea, mama down. On the floor.

Talk about get your attention.

I didn’t get what I deserved but I certainly got the shaking I needed and I instantly thought of all the grace….heaps of it that God has poured onto me and my life. What am I doing fussing about things that just need to get done? Whatever my part in the chaos….I had to get over it and move on.

So, when you’re struggling with just coping with the awful, terrible, ugly parts of your life – the Holy Spirit is there with you. You might be blind to Him at first….but if you stomp around a little bit you too just might find Him after you hit the ground!

Whatever it takes, Lord. Get my attention.

I’m weak. I lose sight of the prize and I act out like I have no good sense. Thank you for righting me when I’m wrong. Help me to be more like you and less like me.

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