Don’t Look For Me

For months now, I’ve been trimming down my life. I’ve hauled junk away, given stuff to everyone who needed or wanted it and I’ve sold some treasures too. All of it, necessary.

Who needs stuff?

I only miss some things. The rest of my belongings are packed away in storage and I can crawl around in there trying to find special items but it mostly makes a big mess of everything packed up. I end up feeling overwhelmed when what I’m hunting for is buried underneath a ton of boxes.


I’ve ordered new Social Security cards.
I’ve bought a new hair dryer.
I’ve ordered another birth certificate.
I plan to buy whatever jewelry I want when I find things I love.
I’ve stolen my daughter’s charger for my toothbrush.

I know, it’s just stuff.

This week is our last here in Indiana for a while. We’ve been, once again, packing. This time, even skinnier than before. Everything we want to take just won’t fit and I think God knew that’s exactly what we needed.

Go lightly.

Maybe leaving some of our things behind is closely related to leaving behind the jumbled up hurts we’ve endured this last year. Only, when I return…I do not plan to unpack any of the hurt part. We need to drive away from our life and we actually get to do that. It’s part of the plan that we never knew could happen to us.

I’ve done a little fretting about taking this or that but the truth is that I don’t need any of what I think I need. I have everything I really need. I just need a few cute shoes, my sweet Miss Lizzy & hubby and a soft place to lay my head. Bonus: I get Imogene to shack up in for the next however long so, I am psyched!

Adventure begins in 5 more days. It’s exciting, scary and challenging to even think about. My heart is everywhere and my head too. I don’t want to miss anything in my kids lives (even though they are grown and living it up!). I have so much growing to do myself and I can’t do it hanging out here just waiting for the next door to open.

So, I’ll be happy with every item I’ve packed. I’ll trust my hubby to handle our rig along the world’s highways (no more snow mountain). I’ll let God grow & mature my kids while I’m away…trusting that they need me to go just as much as I need to for me. I will use this time to turn my already rocking marriage into a MIGHTY FORTRESS! I won’t waste a minute of seeing America as I drive its roads & park in its beauty. I’ll make friends (of course!) and I’ll even take my church along with me on Facebook Live every Sunday!

I’m going to be okay.

Don’t look for me. I’m not here.

I’ll be HERE —>

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