5 Reasons To Put On Your Make-Up

I know right out of the gate that some of you reading this post will tell me how much you hate make-up and never wear it. Go ahead, say it. I’m not going to argue any point or force you to do anything you don’t want to do. However, I will tell you….these are reasons I DO IT! It works for me. I’m a weakling, I need STUFF to fluff me up and put me on a path to feeling my best. Make-up, cute clothes and a hair-do/not don’t fill me with courage and confidence! The best advice I can give for the no make-up crowd, is do you. Do what works for you.

PS. I’ve got a face full of freckles. Make-up helps me cover what has been sprinkled across my window to the world my whole life and I LIKE IT!!

1. You WILL run into someone you know.

It is a dang science (okay, my kinda science anyway) that you will most certainly run into someone you admire or find important if you run out in the world sans the make-up. Don’t believe me, try it.

2. It gives you confidence.

True that. I feel awkward without some make-up on. I don’t even wear very much anymore. Just a bit boosts my self-esteem and makes me a bit bolder. It feels awesome to look good.

3. It hides stuff.

No joke. I’m getting “older” and nothing looks like it used to. Wearing a little make-up covers up a multitude of aging issues. I don’t have young bouncy skin anymore….a good & light foundation is magic!

4. It releases some unicorn power.

Whatever. You have to admit, if you go scroungy….your whole attitude feels scroungy! If I get up, get dressed and throw on some face —> I am much more productive! AND HAPPY!

5. You shine.

Who cares if it’s a bit superficial to wear make-up. It’s not like you’re hiding TOP SECRET emails or filtering money to an overseas account. It’s make-up, dang it. Wear it and I guarantee, you will shine with lovely!

I am on my way out the door today. I’m planning on smiling, having some fun and shining for God with a beautiful face!

Maybe for me, one more thing make-up does is changes my attitude. I feel nicer, happier and THE WORLD SURE NEEDS MORE OF THAT!!

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