I Am So Good

You know what I’m good at?

I’m good at pointing out the faults in others.

I’m good at finding someone to blame for my unhappiness.

I’m good at wearing my feelings on my shirtsleeve.

I’m good at hiding out when I’m angry or sad.

I’m good at being a real jerk.

I’m good at wishing for things I don’t deserve.

I’m good at feeling sorry for myself.

I’m good at ignoring the needs around me.

I’m good at thinking life is all about me.

I’m good at forgetting all my blessings.

I’m good at letting people down.

I’m good at making myself shine while shadowing others.

I’m good at snarky. Oh, I am so good at snarky.

I’m good at talking the talk and NOT walking the walk.

I’m good at focusing like a laser on my own issues.

I’m good at mishandling love & relationships & lost people.

I’m good.

Stay clear of my kind of good. It will drag you down in a pit of yuck where no person needs to be.

God is so good, too.

He sees the gack in me and He loves me anyway. That doesn’t mean I have a license to be my kind of good. It means HE IS MERCIFUL & LOVING & FORGIVING! I don’t have to be good at anything but obeying HIM and following His call on my life.

Neither do you.

The reward in that is you and I will be given so many people to love and grow with while we are here on this earth. We can waste it or we can vamp up our fleshy badness and learn to love outside of ourselves. That’s what I want to be good at….loving others MORE THAN MYSELF!

If you really think on it, why would anyone want to be my friend? If I’m good at all those janked up things above?

I’ll tell you, because I’m not just those messed up things.

I’m good at good stuff too. So are you.

Remember that when the enemy flashes all your weak spots in your face.

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