Take This Heart

(Dedicated to Kelsey & Gavin)
Push Play & Read on

I’ve spent my life getting ready for this part of the journey. The one where I watch my kids fall in love and step into their own futures with the ones they have chosen to love as long as they live.

I didn’t know how much joy could well up inside me and spill all over every thought and word I would speak. My heart feels all wonky and squishy. I knew last week that my sweetboy was going to propose Sunday night to his perfect choice of a girl, Kelsey. I waited as patiently as I could with all the chill I could muster up, but I was a total wreck all the days leading up to that night. IT. WAS. PAINFUL. (the waiting!)

My hubby sent me a text after Gavin sent us all a picture of THE RING that said, “this may be hard on you, it’s like she’s taking your place in his life”. I defended my new role in both their lives because THIS is what I’ve been doing for the last 28 years….getting him ready to leave me — for her. I am so proud of him and beyond happy with the girl he has picked to love forever. She’s not replacing me, she’s taking the spot I’ve been preparing him to honor and cherish his whole life. She’s a gift and I am the lucky mom who gets to call her MY daughter-in-law.

I’ve been praying for her too. All of her life, not knowing where she was or when we would meet her but trusting God that he was preparing her for our son. I prayed for her parents, that they were loving her and teaching her to be the woman she would eventually grow up to be. The one that would step into some of the most important shoes of her life, the wife of Gavin Galloway. I have no doubt that God was a part of this relationship. There’s no chance any of us could’ve picked a better wife for Gavin.

She is the one.

She is the one he will choose from here on out to love & cherish.
She is the one who will fulfill all his dreams.
She is the one that will mother our grandchildren.
She is the one who will never give up on him when he gives up on himself.
She is the one God will use to influence him for good and keep him straight.
She is the one that will offer forgiveness when he falls short.
She is the one who will blow his mind in all the most amazing ways only a wife can do.
She is the one he will turn to when days are hard.
She is the one he will trust with every secret & fear & celebration.
She is the one that God has created just for him.

She is the one we’ve been praying for and our hearts (mine especially) are bursting!!

Welcome to our family, precious Kelsey. I can’t wait to watch you grow together and journey through this life as one. You’re going to be a wife to admire! Thank you for picking Gavin. He is and always will be our Sweetboy and we believe you will see why!

I hate to bring up this whole Montana thing again…. but what in the world is God doing with me here so far away from all the WEDDING action? I’VE WAITED MY WHOLE LIFE for these days!

Thank you for the blessings of engagements and weddings. I am putty in your hands, show me what to do to be a part of all that’s happening in our kids’ lives. Even from Montana.

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