Garbage Can Ministry

Oh this morning, my pastor went there. He preached a good word on the body of Christ. What we look like, how we function and who has what to use to further the Kingdom. Some are hands while others are feet and so on kind of thing. Just what I needed because I’m pretty good at sitting on my gifts and hogging them up for no one. As he rattled off his sermon points, I scribbled hard on my note page every word….just so my heart would GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

See, I know what my spiritual gifts are…. I’ve known a long time and I’ve even used them for the most part. Every now and then, I get lazy and mindless and just set them aside for other things like, freedom. Yea, I tend to get all –> I’m busy, I don’t know where to start, I’ve got a wrecked life and more. Sad, huh?

Then, I got home and saw the big garbage can still sitting in the road from Friday’s garbage pick-up day. Inside, I admit….I got a little “indignant” and told hubby to stop the car. I jumped out and hauled it in to the middle of our little living compound WHERE I ALWAYS DO, every single week since I’ve moved here in July! My hubby likes to say, we are the parents of all the neighbors in our group. We pull the trash down to the road for the pick-up guy and we haul the can back in for everyone to use.

I started thinking of how jerky my heart was over such a trivial thing. It’s pretty jerky if you didn’t notice, I mean…who gets all in a tiffy over doing such a task? Well, me. It’s more than just hauling it in and out, I suppose. It’s that everyone fills it up before we even get to Tuesday and it doesn’t get dumped until Friday. Then, every single person drives right by it as it sits waiting to go out and get brought back in.

So, the parents do both jobs.

Just to keep me humble, one of the wheels came off. HA!

Today, I hereby remind my grumbling self….that I have a ministry right here in my own yard. I can be thankful for so many opportunities to show Christ and His love for others and I can start by handling the garbage can minus the animosity!

Thank you for reminding me every time I get too haughty for my own good. I have legs that can walk and I am happy to use them to haul garbage. Let me not waste a single spiritual gift, ever. Give me an attitude to serve others.

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