Changing My View

Do you know anybody not hurting or struggling in some way or another? I don’t. Every person has something. My something probably doesn’t look like your something….but, I can assure you both feel painful.

Just when I think I’m on the up…

A challenge appears.

I don’t care how good or easy your life is, hang on…something will come along and threaten your joy/peace/happiness. I’m not in a funk (today) but for a while now, I have wandered around in my own desert complaining about the bread & locusts. I know that I know what I know. There is someone somewhere hurting a whole lot more than me, always!

I wonder why we aren’t more tender to one another. Instead, we lose patience or shake our head in disbelief that you or I cannot dig our way out of the pit. Some pits are darker than others and I bet you get it when I say….I don’t want to be in the pit and I certainly don’t want to take anyone else in there with me.

My hubby and I have been climbing mountains a lot lately. Real ones not the kind that masquerade as life issues. Every time, we chug our way up…..clinging to the sides of the mountain! I hang on to my seat and cardoor as if either of them can save me if we happen to tumble over. I know they won’t but still I hang on for dear life. Sometimes, I even catch myself holding my breath.

I do the same sort of thing mentally when I am struggling. I squeeze harder to the issue threatening to bomb my comfort or peace. I roll it over & over in my head. I ‘what if’ it to death. I dwell, oh Lordy do I dwell! I get so wrapped up in MAKING whatever it is that hurts stop hurting that I hurt myself more. Sometimes, even taking others with me.

If you’ve ever made it to the top of a high mountain…you know how spectacular the view is once you’re there. Every time I finally hop out of my car and twirl around, I see it. Miles and miles of beauty, gorgeous land, animals…! All peacefully lying below as if I didn’t just come from that very location. Nothing’s changed except perspective.

The same goes for struggles. If I just change my perspective a tiny bit, everything that hurts begins to sting just a bit less. I see things that my lying eyes/heart missed while it was wrapped up in pain. Life begins to look a whole lot more wonderful.

Wherever your view is today, I promise….there is something wonderful in this life that God has JUST FOR YOU! Keep looking.


I believe everything is in your capable hands. You do not need me to worry or wring my hands over a single issue in this life. Thank you for taking care of every detail and not holding me responsible for what YOU have already planned for my life.


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