Tomorrow is an important day!  Our church is hosting a purity program for the youth, called Transformed.  Since three teenagers live in my home, my whole family will be there.  The leader of this program is a friend that serves on the Pregnancy Care Center staff (my husband recently came off the board of directors for PCC).  So, we know a little about the idea of this program.  It is a wonderful and well thought out curriculum.  As parents, we love the concept of purity for our teens based on what Christ wants for them (not just our hopes….but God’s plan for them).

The curriculum is based on Romans 12 (MY FAVORITE!!!) and is filled with excellent tools to succeed in the area of purity.  It’s not enough to just tell your kids not to have sex….they need more than that.  This program is designed to TELL them the truth about sex.  Something else that I really love about Transformed is that parent + child involvement.  We will be making that commitment along with them.  One of more than just holding them accountable, but openly communicating with them about what temptations they face every single day.  Scary, but very important in setting them up to live victoriously.

I’m really excited and nervous at the same time.  I can’t tell you how important this issue is with me.  Since the day I found out I was pregnant with these kids…..their future sex life has been of utmost importance to me and their dad.  That may sound crazy…but honestly, it’s critical to everything they will ever do or be.  I want the best for them, God’s best!  We have been very open in our home on this issue and have tried to equip them with the knowlege to protect themselves.  Each one recognizes the world around them sensationalizes sex and has chosen to be different.  Wow!  It makes my heart sing!

We must pray for our young people.  We also need to speak up about purity.  I love Vicki Courtney and her ministry.  She tells it like it is.  Her passion for our youth is contagious!  It makes me want to spread the word….to not just kids but their parents too.  Go check out her site, Virtuous Reality.  Honor God with your own boundaries regarding purity.  Pay attention to what you tolerate on a daily basis.  Ask God to show you any weakness you may have in your life.  You may be surprised at what He reveals.  It could be watching certain t.v. shows or movies.  Or maybe even certain friends you associate with.  Guard yourself!  And your kids!  Take some time and read Romans 12……these verses just blow me away.  I want to offer a pure me as a living sacrifice.  That’s my goal today.  To be a living sacrifice.  What about you?

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