What Works For Me Wednesday


I love Wednesdays! Why? Well, for many reasons. One, it’s “hump” day! Which means, I’m almost to my weekend….and people….I LOVE MY WEEKENDS!! Two, it’s the day I love reading all the great advice that’s out there in blogland USA on What Works For Me Wednesday! If you haven’t heard of it…bummer for you! Go check it out! You will find so much good information to make your life easier and may even find a few new blogging friends.

I guess you’re wondering what is working for me these days, huh? As I sit here thinking….life’s been a little hectic for me lately and it seems like not much is working necessarily. I’m simply managing to tread the water (most days) and survive. Hey, I’m barely hanging on right now. In five days…my oldest will celebrate his 19th birthday and then five days later walk across the stage to claim his high school diploma!

Do I need to say anything more? I’m flipping out, people! How did this happen so fast? Where did the time go? I’ve been so busy….being a mom! I’m filled with mixed emotions…excitement, nervousness, pride and gratitude. It’s been a pleasure being his mom. I know that he is ready….it’s just me that’s struggling here. I’m having trouble putting it into words. One minute I want to cry and the next I’m jumping up and down with the yahoo’s!

So….here’s what I know will work for me. PRAYING! There is no greater resource (except for the Bible) for the follower of Christ than prayer. It’s the ultimate in therapy and mental management (for me). I also like journaling. Writing stuff down really helps me gain a better perspective. I tend to be a “thinker” type person…..and I can think something to death if I’m not careful. So, writing it down helps me focus on a more balanced level. Like….it makes more sense and seems way more attainable when I look at it on paper. Sound crazy? Maybe so. I’m a little weird….I admit it.

What works for me? Handing it over to God! He’s got everything under control anyway….why do I need to worry and fret? It’s pointless. For the next 10 days….I’m going straight to the source when I feel overwhelmed by all that’s happening in my family’s life. You can too! Try it!



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