Sick as a dog!

I have no idea where that saying came from…..all I know is that I grew up hearing and using it. If someone was deathly ill in my family….they were “sick as a dog”! Sounds crazy, huh?

Our wild and spunky little poodle, Miss Lizzy woke up feeling terrible this morning. We cannot figure out what is wrong. She can’t walk or hold herself up. She’s weak and puny. It’s like she’s injured…but we can find no injuries. I had to carry her outside and then she couldn’t move to do any of her “business”.

I’m worried. This is not like her. She’s never been ill. We bought her as a 6 week old puppy back in 2005. So it’s not like she’s an old dog. If something doesn’t happen or improve we will be forced to take her to the vet. We want her to feel good again.

So, I’m a little more in tune with that “sick as a dog” statement after this morning. Poor Miss Lizzy! She’s sick as a dog!


Miss Lizzy is feeling back to her old self again! We can’t be sure…but it seemed to be something to do with her stomach! We spent Saturday morning cleaning up the results of what appeared to be a very upset stomach! Dang those neighbors throwing out rotten food! 🙁
Thanks to all who wished her well! That was very sweet, ya’ll!

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