Senior Breakfast Hoopla

When I walked in the door at school this morning…..I thought I’d stepped into an office supply store bombing! Sticky post-it notes graced every square inch of the halls, walls, and doors! It only took about a nano-second for me to figure out….SENIOR PRANK!!! 🙂

It’s a great day to be a mom of a senior (by the way….I knew where 2 of the seniors were last night….NOT AT SCHOOL!!). The weather is sunny and breezy out and the excitement is buzzing in the Indiana air. This is also a dangerous time of year. Students think they’re invincible and tragedy tends to loom in communities all around. I pray for their safety as they celebrate this amazing time in their lives.

Each year….the big deal at our high school is the last day of school and the SENIOR BREAKFAST! It’s an emotional time of fellowship together, snapping gazillion’s of pictures and watching THE VIDEO! Ahh the video! This is the highlight of it all. Who can resist this walk down memory lane? Nobody, that’s who! I managed to watch it…..and I DID NOT CRY ONE TIME!!!! I love those kids!

Now they are off to practice walking in for graduation for the final time. It’s only days away now. I wish them all the best! May their lives glorify God and bless those around them. The future’s all theirs!


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