And I’m not talking about the slang word wicked! My three teens and I are heading to Indy today at 3:30 to party it up with 28 other friends from our school. The event? Only the best musical out there….WICKED!!

It has been a dream for my kids to see it for years….they know every single word! We hear it playing constantly on ipod’s and the computer at my house. They LOVE it! The excitement is off the charts! We feel so blessed to be invited along.

The sweetest lady in the world made it possible for two of us to go. She has always been someone I loved and looked up to at school. This year….Sweetboy was privileged to have her as his ACP English teacher. She’s had a tough year….physically, mentally, and emotionally. She has faced several health problems and loss in her family. On top of that…she was preparing to retire! That’s an amazing time in your life. Hers has been riddled with attacks! Now her sweet husband is experiencing what may be found as cancer. I haven’t heard if it’s a final diagnosis yet. So my heart is heavy for my kind friend, Sue Hughes!

We trust you to work in your mysterious and amazing way. This situation with the Hughes family does not catch you by surprise. You are well aware. It’s my prayer that you would bless them and wrap your loving arms around them as they face uncertainty right now. They need you…and I place them in your capable hands.

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