It was Wicked!


I have heard about Wicked for the last three years from my kids and co-workers. My kids were in love with the music and were dreaming of actually seeing the show. My co-workers….well, they had actually seen it and well…blah blah blah…couldn’t stop talking about it.

It hasn’t been near us (except in Louisville…at a bad time for us) until now. When I heard it would be in Indy at the Murat…..I was so excited! But, I didn’t have tickets… until just over a week ago. Thank you Molly!

It started with 2 tickets available. Then one more later that same day. On the day of the show….a text message with ONE MORE TICKET!!! Yes, 4 tickets! Hubby didn’t go….but that’s ok. He was glad to let us enjoy this special event. Thanks, hubby! It was indescribable! Really! You have to go see it! I want to AGAIN!!!! NOW PLEASE!!!

After the most wonderful show…..we were wandering out of the theatre minding our own sweet business, of course. Who do we run into? Oh yea, Galinda and Elphaba! THE SHOW WAS FANTASTIC!

How could I ask for more?

My kids with Galinda!
Gates, Galinda, Ally & Gavin!!!
My kids with Elphaba!
Gavin, Elphaba, Ally & Gates!

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