Way to go, Gavin!

Gavin with the family….minus his sisters! They were lost!

It’s been 2 days since my Sweetboy walked across that stage and received his high school diploma. It still doesn’t seem quite real! I didn’t cry or even get emotional. I was too busy to think about it. We had family here and food to prepare along with party stuff to handle.

We planned his grad party for Sunday night. Haybales, hotdogs, smores……and a huge bonfire! With that many kids having parties we knew we needed to pick a time when friends could come without having to miss too many other parties. He was then free to go visiting several parties all over the county. He was only gone for 4-5 hours before returning with a killer head-ache. Instead of going back out for more celebrating….he stayed home on the couch!

By 5am Sunday morning…he was up and running for the bathroom, SICK! Deathly ill!

Party day + deathly ill = cancelled party! He was so sick he couldn’t talk. He just moaned and ran towards the bathroom over and over all day. We felt so bad for him. I did what I could……wet the rags, wiped the mouth, sprayed the Lysol and covered every single thing with bleach water. Poor Gavin! There was no bouncing right back.

He’s still in bed and not back to perfect health. Whatever it was….it was a doozy! He’s not a sickly kid and never has been. We can’t be sure if it wasn’t something he ate at one of many parties….he hopped around to so many. Or if it was an actual virus/flu bug. I’ve never seen him this sick in his whole life.

We hope to pull his Bonfire Blowout off this Wednesday night. His cool cake is still in the fridge and all the food along with it. Maybe by then he can eat again. The stomach is still a bit nervous. If not, he’s taking a ton of hotdogs to IU this fall! 🙂 Ewww!

What a way to spend your graduation weekend, huh? We’re so proud of you Gavin! Congratulations graduate! Yahoo! Oh, and get well soon!

You forgot to mention the fact that he graduated with an 11.34 GPA out of 12 (10 is an A) which put him 21st in his Class of over 300! (Just one question Gavin, what happened to that .66?) Just kidding!! I am very proud of you!
Love you Sweet Boy!

We wanna eat this cake!graduation-038

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