It’ll be the death of me…

Yesterday, as I was innocently going about my special ed business at school……I felt it! As the day progressed, it got worse! I tried and tried to ignore it. NO CHANCE!!! That’s how it is with these suckers! They hurt! They bring you down….the kind of hurt that makes you want to writhe in pain (and act like a big baby!)!

If you can’t tell by all of the exclaimation points I’m using……I’m in some serious misery here!!


If you’ve ever had one, then you know……O U C H !!! I’m hanging by a thread here. I want to curl up and cry, but what good is that going to do? IT HAS TO EITHER PASS OR DO WHATEVER IT IS THESE DUDES DO!!! And do it quick!

Oh and the coup de gras to my day? We’re at school and UNDER A STINKIN TORNADO WATCH!!!


Somebody help me!

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