Blessings & Curses

I suppose it was time. Life has gone relatively smooth for most of the summer. Today has turned into one big wing-dinger after another. Starting off my morning with a booming headache, not good. I went to bed feeling a little “anxious” over several issues on my mind. I prayed about them until I finally zonked out only to wake up with the harsh reality that I was stressin’. Boo, to that dude!

My sweet friend in Tennessee invited my family to join her family in Panama City Beach for a week in August. The first problem, we’d have to share a small place together. Now, we are great friends and our kids are too. But anyone with a brain knows squeezing two grown families into one sleeping locale with 1 bathroom is not a setting for comfort AND fun. It would be hairy and honestly…..someone might end up not speaking by the end of the week. Not the best idea, ya’ll.

When I told hubby about the offer….he said, “Is there another room available?”. Good idea, I’ll check into that. The reservation person was gone for the day so I just left a message for her to call me back. (Aren’t you glad you read this blog? Seriously? Who cares about my business, right?) I let my friend know the situation and she mentioned that she left a message too about a cottage possibility. It’s bigger and could be an answer to a more comfy stay.

This morning, I get a call back from the beach (Laguna Christian Retreat) and I tell her why I’m calling and she says—“I have your room reserved already!”. Huh? I didn’t reserve one. Somehow she saved 2 rooms beside each other on the Gulf/beach for both our families. [My friend didn’t ask her to, she must have just done this] We chatted about what costs to prepare for and what to bring, then hung up. I told the kids that we had our own room and that God had reserved it for us—since the camp is FULL.

Wow, God! You’re so cool!

We haven’t had a vacay in 4 summers. It’s not been possible and who has the money to blow partying it up on the beach 11 hours away? Not us, that’s who. This IS NOT a luxury hotel/condo. Like I said, it’s on the beach and used for church camps. We have to bring our own linens and such. Everything is basic. However, we also get a sweet ministry discount. Each night costs us $68 instead the normal rate of $85. Not bad for ON THE BEACH!!! At this point….we’re not the least bit concerned with fancy. It’s the beach and fun with friends that appeals the most.

Now, let me break it down with all that satan threw my way today. 1) the dang headache. 2) Hubby sent me to have my tires checked on my car. She’s been a shakin’. The news? I CANNOT drive said car until I replace 1 for sure but need to change them all! What? Blast it! Of course a belt has broken and it’s dangerous. To replace one (which the guy didn’t agree with) was $160ish dollars. To take care of them all was $570. Aye-yay-yay! (insert more head pounding!)

I WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH!!! [not driving that vehicle-we planned to squeeze into hubby’s car for the journey through the wilderness]

3) We have a dog. No pets allowed at the hotel. (head throbbing again) Time to start dogsitter shopping. Fingers crossed. 4) Ally just started her JOB at TJ Maxx. She’s nervous about asking for a week off already. She needs this job and doesn’t want to seem like a total flake! Oh the stuff to think about.

I’m torn about celebrating until all these little details are handled. Then, I’m jumping on the yahoo wagon and telling the world—-I’M GOING TO THE BEEEEEEEACH!!!

Prayers won’t be wasted here, people! Thanks X’s a million!

Oh and remember that FIRST PAYCHECK? It was left sitting on her dresser and didn’t get deposited this week. Guess who went to the movies and out to eat? The girl who just got charged an overdraft fee in her checking account! Sad day, ya’ll! 🙁

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