Seriously, this post will be lamesauce. Go away.

If you had told me last year or even the year before that MY TEAM would be 0-10 THE YEAR WE HOST THE SUPER BOWL…..I would have laughed in your face!

Everybody knows the Colts are a top-of-the-line team! They’re matchless. Awesome. They have the NFL’s best quarterback! Peyton Manning is superhuman on the football field. He’s respected by everyone! Players, fans, coaches & opposing teams!

But, for the first time in blah blah seasons (Peyton has had a record 227 starts). Which means, he doesn’t stand on the sideline and watch any games…he plays!

Until this year.

This year, the one that the Colts haven’t one a single game all season.

He’s standing. On the sideline. Looking bewildered and frustrated. Much like his fans and the fans who cheer the big blue franchise on everyweek. I’ve even noticed the sports announcer’s shaking their heads at what they see each week. It’s unbelievable!

Not this team!

It’s been painful to watch. By no means, do I blame Peyton Manning for the entire season of losses. I am intelligent football savvy enough to see there are other men on the field getting paid to play. It just seems coincidental that since he’s been out with a serious surgery recoop that the team has fallen to pieces. He’s known for being a great leader. But he’s not the only one playing. It’s a team, right?

I love the Colts. Most of my friends….love the Colts. I was so excited about this year’s SUPER BOWL!! Not anymore. I feel bummed! Embarrassed even. Indianapolis is a crazy fun town. What a smear of reality in the face of so many fans it will be to watch the entire city fill up with fans from other teams. Indy is a town of blue, Colts blue!

I’m not a fairweather fan. I promise. It’s been torture to watch them lose every week. It’s just not how the Colts do things. To call it humbling is almost insulting too. The Colts are known as a classy franchise. They don’t play dirty, they aren’t showy…..

They are just THE COLTS!

I haven’t worn any Colts gear….all season! Come on, don’t judge! It’s just too painful! Now, do you see why I titled this post lame?

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