For Arguments Sake

I bet you don't want to know my family argues.  I certainly don't want to admit it, but how can I be honest here without speaking the truth.  Yep!  We disagree!  We fuss!  We "blow our stack".  It's not something I'm proud of and I bet if you live in a normal family, you argue too.

It's human nature!

I've been thinking about what causes such riff's between people who love each other.  One of the biggest issues seems to always stem from some sort of disappointment or frustration.  Have you ever felt really angry with someone over a small incident that didn't really matter — only to realize that you were actually mad about something way bigger?  The little thing just made the big thing come to surface?

Yea, that happens.  To everyone, right?

Oh how ill-tempered we can be.  Some might even call it "self absorbed"!  Whatever.  When you're mad…YOU'RE MAD!  Right?

I wish I could say I'm extra good at keeping my cool!  Truth is, I stink at it.  I can blow a gasket faster than a souped up Chevy!  Oh and don't think for one second I'm not armed with some vicious word arsenal!  I can slice  & dice with my tongue!

Lord, help me.

My heart usually regrets it though because mean words wound and destroy.  Who wants to be a destroyer?  Unless you're talking about BAD GUYS or evil forces.  Am I right?

What I'm getting at here is….before you blurt out that careless word or blow up in an angry way, don't!  Stop and think it through.  Is your reason for lashing out really about what you're going postal over?  Remember, the person catching your flack just may not know you're upset about THE BIG THING especially when you attack over a small thing!


My advice is to handle what's bothering you in a way that brings glory to God.  The other person may not even know they've hurt or wronged you.  Dealing with it before it eats you up is always easier and kinder.

Love your family.  Treat them with care and be kind every chance you get.  No one knows how many opportunities we have left.


Happy 3rd week of June, friends (yes…already)!


PS-No loved ones were hurt or injured as a result of this posting.  My family is at peace and is carefully filtering all frustrations through a God-sized sieve known as forgiveness!

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