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The World Has Enough Reactions

Monday, January 30th, 2017


It’s a new day in our great big world and for some that means a brand new opportunity to focus on something pathetic to scream about. Our current level of human conditioning is to find whatever it is that’s hot off the presses to REACT to and to do it with gusto.

Whatev’s man. I’ve got 99 problems and marching in the streets ain’t one of them. Seriously. Have you heard? My life is spinning so fast out of control that I don’t have time to fight my fellow Americans with political arguments and hashtag wars.

Good grief!

Like a teenager slamming her bedroom door, Americans are at it again with marching in the streets and airports in disagreement with President Trump’s latest executive order. Why? Why must everything be a huge fight? The first job of our President is to protect the people. It seems like a never-ending battle to please any one group no matter the side. Someone is always angry.

Meanwhile, I’m over here with real problems that have nothing to do with fighting the government.

Over the last few weeks, the internet and television have been weighed down with voices crying foul from every direction. I can’t take it anymore. I can’t stand to see people I like and love disagree to the point of hostility.

Whether you agree that our country needs to take a break for the next 90 days or not, I don’t care. This constant in-house fighting is getting old. I’ve reached the point that I’m deleting every negative post that I see on any social media feed.

My brain and heart can’t take it.

Which brings me to why I’m even talking about this junk. I am too fragile to play along in the war of my country’s current OFFENSES. Perhaps if I were 100% me I’d jump in and spar or argue but at this point, I’m a weak soldier. I need positive. I need encouragement. I need hugs. I need peace.



PS. If you’re letting thoughts bing around in your head about me such as, you must not care about people. Don’t! I do care. I care tremendously! If my hubby & I can live for 6 months without a job or even the hopes of one, America & the folks who wish to visit here can live for 6 months while they seek out stronger vetting procedures that protect EVERY AMERICAN and VISITOR in this country.

Grace Growers

Thursday, November 24th, 2016


It’s the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning over here at my house and I’m up doing what I’ll pretty much be doing all day long….opening and closing the oven! As if I were an Olympian level cook.

Somebody had to start the bacon, y’all.

My family is all gathered together, hunkered down under one roof and ready to celebrate all the things we’re THANKFUL for this year. In spite of all that’s happened to us….we have endless amounts of gratitude for every blessing big and small.

We are alive. We are healthy. We are joyful. We are full of hope. We are anticipating every coming blessing and we believe that God has great plans for each of us.

It probably wouldn’t be a stretch to point out that many people are filled with dread and anxiety today as they gather with family and friends. Through the natural process of humanity, we encounter people that we disagree with or just do not get along with at these big holiday gatherings. It can be a rough go for a lot of families that have divisive or feuding family members to share space.

It doesn’t have to end in disaster though.

I have an idea to help you fight the good fight (and I don’t mean a squabble with that one person you find yourself irked with) that will keep peace and help you grow as a Follower of Christ at the same time.

It’s a guarantee, you are going to encounter a GRACE GROWING person over the holiday break. It might not be in your family circle, it could be someone who challenges all your goodness at the Black Friday sale. Someone, somewhere is going to push your buttons. What you do with that….is going to say a lot about you, not them. So, listen up. I’ve got a few tricks to help you get out alive and to be the better person when you’re tempted to flip your lid!


Be serious about your reactions. It’s chaotic in most family celebrations. People are piled together, opinions are flying and how you react is going to be like a thermostat in the room. You can decide before anything offensive or mean-spirited is said to NOT JOIN OR ENGAGE that person back. Some people (hurting people hurt people, right?) say crazy stuff just for YOUR REACTION! Don’t fall for that. So, decide to be a grace giver by NOT REACTING negatively to crummy comments.


This should have been first… but PRAY. Really pray. You already know who it is that gets under your skin – so pray for them and for yourself to be a loving example to them. It may not change them but it will change you. When you’re staring that person in the face and you’re imagining knocking their weave out, P R A Y to God for sweet words like a honeycomb. You might even find it good to pray scripture. Remember the fruit of the spirit!


Play opposites. You know how to react to keep peace and you probably know how to be creative and play opposites with that negative nelly at the table. Instead of saddling up and arguing it out, combat the ugly comments with a positive. Yesterday, as I stood in a line at Walmart I overheard the lady behind me complain to her son that the checkout clerk WAS SO SLOOOOOW! As she squeezed up closer behind me I realized she wanted a response from me as she commented that “she’s very particular about every scan, huh?”. I laughed and told her that I was probably the least worthy to judge since I could NEVER DO THE JOB of a checkout clerk. I smiled and mentioned that my skills would probably cause a total ruckus in the store to which she laughed and completely changed her attitude. We spent the next few minutes visiting and laughing about all the things still to do to enjoy our holiday. Opposites. They can deflect a rotten moment if we just decide to utilize them to our advantage.


Actually decide to grow in grace. Nasty people aren’t just put in our lives to make us miserable. God wants to use them to refine us and smooth off the edges that are too bumpy. Every frustrating comment, every mean action…even the snarky ones are not your invitation to a duel. God will help you respond with love, He will soften your heart and He will handle any wrong-doing meant to harm you (if you will just LET HIM WORK) from whoever your grace grower person is this Thanksgiving.

“Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit – you choose.” Prov. 18:21

Who says the holidays have to be so stressful?


For Arguments Sake

Monday, June 18th, 2012

I bet you don't want to know my family argues.  I certainly don't want to admit it, but how can I be honest here without speaking the truth.  Yep!  We disagree!  We fuss!  We "blow our stack".  It's not something I'm proud of and I bet if you live in a normal family, you argue too.

It's human nature!

I've been thinking about what causes such riff's between people who love each other.  One of the biggest issues seems to always stem from some sort of disappointment or frustration.  Have you ever felt really angry with someone over a small incident that didn't really matter — only to realize that you were actually mad about something way bigger?  The little thing just made the big thing come to surface?

Yea, that happens.  To everyone, right?

Oh how ill-tempered we can be.  Some might even call it "self absorbed"!  Whatever.  When you're mad…YOU'RE MAD!  Right?

I wish I could say I'm extra good at keeping my cool!  Truth is, I stink at it.  I can blow a gasket faster than a souped up Chevy!  Oh and don't think for one second I'm not armed with some vicious word arsenal!  I can slice  & dice with my tongue!

Lord, help me.

My heart usually regrets it though because mean words wound and destroy.  Who wants to be a destroyer?  Unless you're talking about BAD GUYS or evil forces.  Am I right?

What I'm getting at here is….before you blurt out that careless word or blow up in an angry way, don't!  Stop and think it through.  Is your reason for lashing out really about what you're going postal over?  Remember, the person catching your flack just may not know you're upset about THE BIG THING especially when you attack over a small thing!


My advice is to handle what's bothering you in a way that brings glory to God.  The other person may not even know they've hurt or wronged you.  Dealing with it before it eats you up is always easier and kinder.

Love your family.  Treat them with care and be kind every chance you get.  No one knows how many opportunities we have left.


Happy 3rd week of June, friends (yes…already)!


PS-No loved ones were hurt or injured as a result of this posting.  My family is at peace and is carefully filtering all frustrations through a God-sized sieve known as forgiveness!