31 Days — Positive Attitude (Day 16)

I haven't actually spoken the number 46 out loud regarding my birthday last Friday. But I thought it'd be safe to say it here, I mean…who cares really? Heck, I don't even mind being that old young! I'm sure everyone feels about the same on birthdays. Nostalgic, hopeful & grateful.

I know I'm not that old but I am old enough to know… There's no going back! Short dresses & cutesy styles have left the building. It's time to face it and dress/act my age. Which quite honestly is old enough to be a grandmother, I know this not because of my children's young adult ages but because many of my classmates are proudly posting pic's of their own sweet grand babies all over Facebook. Oh me!! Let me see 50 something first, Lord. I'm not ready and neither are my "still under my care" kids!!

What can you do when your kids make big time choices that affect not only their life but yours too?

Don't own it.  The choices they make are theirs.

Let them be responsible for the choice.  We do no favors for our kids by trying to bail them out.

Don't take it personally.  You most likely weren't even on their mind when they made the choice.

This, coming from a certified helicopter mom.  The decisions my kids make are just that, theirs.  Over the years, I've trained myself to swoop in and rescue, the results of that behavior are ugly.  It makes for lazy, irresponsible people.  The opposite of what I wished for while lovingly raising my brood.

Now, I'm in a sort of retraining period.  Don't worry though…they seem to be getting it.  It's good for me (and them) if I keep these truths in perspective and remain solid on the difference between their choices and mine.  My attitude, and yours does not have to suffer because of loving our kids to the max.

One more thing.  Poor decisions still affect us (parents).  Just remember, they have to learn….just like we did!


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