31 Days — Positive Attitude (Day 17)

I've had this boo-boo.  It appeared out of nowhere and I decided to do what I thought was best AND IGNORE IT!  My mistake.  It grew.  Then, I got busy.  Then, Texas and now….it's too much to ignore any longer.  

See this. Don't worry, you thoughts are pretty much the same as mine!  Ewwww!


This. is. my. arm.   Eww, eww, eww!

Today, I took off early from school and went to the doctor.  (thanks hubby)  But, I'll be honest….fear had creeped into my mind and swallowed me up!  I was filled with dread.  The monster was consuming me in more ways than one.  Note: arm possibly rotting!

Of course, as soon as the doctor took a looksee…she was baffled!  In all her 35 years of medical experience, she hadn't come across this!!  Wouldn't you know it.  However, she felt certain it was a Pyogenic granuloma and it had to be removed today!  Double that fear thing!  I was shaking by that point!

They pushed me right into the "operating room" and got started.  I barely had time to sign the paperwork.  I admit, this was probably for the best because y'all, I was on serious chicken out-itis!


This is after she did the deed.  The hardest part was the dang anesthesia.  Yea, that hurt like the devil.  I was having trouble staying put on the table and holding the tears back.  In my defense, the room was very bright.


Dr. Weir was great!  She was aggressive and insistent (which I need when it comes to stuff like this)!  I'm going to have a scar thanks to the great size of the "tumah" and they still have to send it off for lab work.  I'll feel better when I hear she was 100% correct and that there is no other evil lurking inside my body.  One cancer patient is one too many for a family at one time, don't you agree?


Here I am all patched up and ready to go.  Little did I know the pain would kick in a bit later.  I was still feeling fine at this point.  Ahhh, it's probably good to just not know.  Right?

Fear of the unknown can really tweak your attitude.  For me, I had no clue what could be going on with my arm and it was silly to try ignoring it.  Fear can make you do some foolish things.

Tips to deal with a fearful attitude:

Believe the best.  Doom can be our worst enemy.

Trust you can manage.  Difficulties are always going to happen.

Determine your purpose.  You don't have to give up, so don't!

Gracious Lord

Thank you for taking care of me, in spite of my fear of the unknown.  I trust that you are in control and I am not.


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