Springing Forward

It is gorgeous in Zionsville, Indiana right now.  I HAVE MY WINDOWS OPEN!!!  Well, some of them.  It's not quite warm enough to get crazy and open them all.  But the few strategic ones I do have open….are blowing spring is coming wishes all through my house!

I went outside and swept my porch.  That's a first because its had snow and ice on it since I moved in that cold blustery December night.  I even walked around surveying all the wet nasty grass and imagining my hubby mowing it….very soon.  I also pictured all the pretty flowers I want to plant.  I will miss many things about my old house….but not the shady flower killing yard.  I may get obnoxious with all the stuff I want to plant here.  Neighbors, be warned!  😉

On my springy high steppin' happy, I've been cleaning all over my house too.  Sheets in the washer, vacuumed all the carpeted areas, swept hardwoods and even scrubbed toilets & shiny-ed up mirrors!  So, come on over and visit.  Except, call me first.  I might need to shower and brush my teeth.

I'm not wasting a beautiful day like today (even with a terrible headache).  I'm claiming it for good.  I love knowing that there is hope.  A harsh winter can take its toll on you in many ways.  Days like today….remind us all, to hang on….something better is coming.  I've never thought of spring as so important as I have this year.  In the past, its just been the season that comes before the ALL IMPORTANT summer!  I can't answer the why as to my epiphany this year….but it's safe to say, CHANGE and a lot of it will cause you to grasp at some brittle straws.

I'm going to make it.

Don't forget….to set your clocks this weekend.  Spring forward, in every way you can!

I'd love to share a video/song with you, however, my blog is NOT cooperating.  So, go to Youtube and enter Zion – Oceans and get your heart squeezed with some love from the Lord.  As I drove in for the job interview yesterday….God divinely had this playing for me.  I had prayed for courage to make a good choice with choosing to work again.  He didn't fall short, He gave me all the words and the strength to admit what I wasn't comfortable doing.  It worked out perfectly. 

I am Yours….and YOU are mine, Lord!

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