Why……the Face?


I know, my last post might have seemed a little rude.   Perhaps,  I was a bit mean.   I just can’t help but feel annoyed with people trying to portray their lives as picture perfect.

No one has it all.   No.  One.

I feel it’s my duty to call out the sexy pouty duck lip posers too.

What in the…….world?

Seriously.   Who looks at that ridiculous photo and says, “Oh my gawsh! That girl is gorgeous!”?

Sorry friends, but it’s not a good look.   Ever.  As in, never ever ever!  You look foolish.  You appear vain.  You seem attention starved.  You are not sexy!

So, my question is…….WHY?

Why in the world are you posing like this?  You are way too beautiful to click tacky pics like this and share them on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram.

Smile,  for goodness sake!!!!

Don’t be afraid to be beautiful!

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