I’m Floored

Before I cut loose…..let me say this —>  I AM THANKFUL!

 For my family.  Healthy bodies.  Sound mind (ok, here & there).  Jobs.  Kids in college.  Kids with jobs.  Sweet pets.  Precious friends.  Mercy.  Grace.  The Lord's unending love for me.  For a nice kitchen.  For a warm & lovely home.

Really.  I am thankful for my life.  It's a good life.  One I truly do not deserve.

But if I've ever uttered the words WHY ME? (which I don't usually use) this is the week for me to start using them.

I can't sugarcoat this…..it's been a rough week of Thanksgiving!

I'm blaming satan.  He attacked at every turn.  The flooring in the foyer and family room that's been sitting, waiting its turn to be put back down…..finally got the attention I've been praying it would get ON THANKSGIVING DAY!!!

But then we left for a movie with the kids and well, it's still unfinished.

That's the way it's going to stay too because on Wednesday afternoon (you know, the DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING WEDNESDAY) my hubby installed a new hot water something or another to our plumbing under the kitchen sink and all night long…..it dripped a swimming pools' worth of water all over our kitchen.

So, how did your Thanksgiving morning go?  Mine was a little stressful. 

If you can imagine….

Slipping on your house shoes and staggering down to the kitchen to make your coffee and feeling the weirdest sensation under your feet.  Sort of like you're standing on a wet sponge.  When you look down at the fluffy rug in front of your kitchen sink and your feet are standing sunken down in water logged carpeting.  You open the cabinet door and everything you've ever stuffed under the sink is floating in a few inches of water (maybe I'm exaggerating here…but this is my sob story so let me go, y'all). 

I hadn't even put a single food in the oven yet.

This sort of morning opens up a whole new thinking when it comes to saying thanks.  Now, the kitchen floor is all ripped out just like the foyer/living room.  The water was just too much and the wood flooring was floating by the time we returned from the movies.

That'll teach us to pretend like we're free to party watching Mockinjay!

So, on Thanksgiving night my hubby is on his knees ripping out the flooring that he put down almost a year ago and I am feeling extra sorry for myself because I AM TOTALLY OVER ALL THE WATER ACCIDENTS AND TORN UP FLOORS!!!

For gosh sakes!  My front porch even has a saw and tools piled up on it.

I'm trying really hard to be the better person in this fiasco.  But the cold hard truth is I am human and tonight, I started crying and the floodgates are pouring!  I'm sick with stress over my house being torn up and disgusting!   I'm a wimp when it comes to big messes and chaos. 

I can't take one more thing.  I know.  I shouldn't have said it, but I did!

Lord Jesus,

You know me and you see me.  Much like the floors, I'm flooded with emotion & feelings that are stealing my peace.  Help me face my trials with a grateful heart.




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