World Divided

I haven't wanted to write about the Ferguson troubles because the story just never seems to end.  The opinions from either side are passion filled and emotional.  I have my own opinion, of course…but in this instance, I am going to keep it to myself.  What I think or believe about what happened that day in Missouri cannot and will not change a single thing about that case.  The only thing I can offer is my prayers….

…and my willingness to love even the ones I disagree with!  Because, God does.  He loves both sides of this horrible situation.

Tonight, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and came upon a Christian friend's post that really disturbed me.  It caught my eye because it reminded me just how little we all know about what happened that day.  None of us, were there.  We can judge from a safe distance and come up with our own conclusions and we can even jump on the bandwagon and walk the streets to protest all that we think is unjust.  But the hard truth is…that we really need to pray for all of these people!

What our world needs is peace.  Rioting in the streets, tearing down businesses, flipping police cars…scaring children at Christmas shows, blocking highway traffic, harrassing people at professional ballgames, malls, robbing schools and the list goes on….

Much like the angry protestors…..

This has to stop.  It's only making the very sad event uglier.

I understand what other's mean when they spout off about deleting "friends" because of posting their opinions all over.  I can't look at distorted half-truth information being spread by anyone, including friends.  I just won't do it.  And I won't go to bat arguing with anyone about this case.  It's a tragic consequence!  One that has divided so many and appears to only be streamrolling down the proverbial  MEDIA FRENZY!

The world is brimming with troubles that root from one sure thing, SIN.  No matter which side you're on, you have to ultimately answer to God for how you behave and handle it.  That goes for posting your thoughts on social media.

I'm talking to ME and to you.


Help me remember that I need to have a pure heart when dealing with anyone who thinks differently than me.  I have just as much capability of being wrong as anyone else.  Let me love….and not judge.


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