Sense A Tive

Ever let someone else’s bad day become your bad day?


I’m an expert. If my hubby comes home sulky or quiet, I take it personally. Matter of fact, I pick up every little emotion of every person around me as if I were some sort of human “feeling” savant. I have a gift. You’re welcome, world. It’s the curse of being sensitive. We sensitive types like to carry every problem the world throws at us. Lame, huh? Annoying too. I hate it!

I have so many issues. I’m really perplexed at all the people who love me in spite of all the trouble I cause. I’m highly sensitive (no duh), I’m a twisted up bundle of introvert & social butterfly (oh ya, it’s bad) and I own like a boss the highest strung personality of all personalities. Don’t you want to be my best friend? I’m like no other human.

Maybe, you get me.

I care about people. I want to help them. I want to see them happy and successful. I want them to like themselves and me. I want them to feel loved and special. I’m a pleaser and a wisher of all things wonderful. I’m optimistic.

What happens to people like me when someone is rude or short-tempered? Or tired and grumpy? Or quiet and sullen? Or …. or? You get it, right?


sense it

God bless all the humans who have to interact with people like me. Really. Bless them.

I’m working on me. I don’t want to react to someone’s stress or anger with my own IT’S ALL ABOUT me attitude. I don’t want to react at all but sometimes I do and I ALWAYS regret it. Especially with my hubby. He handles life one way and me the total opposite. Me, all feely and wordy. Him, quiet and avoiding.

What I’m learning:

Other people’s feelings are NOT MY FEELINGS. They usually have NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH ME. Let my habit of taking everything personally GO.

Avoid situations that stress me out or overwhelm me. Just walk away, turn the car around or click it off. Don’t go there, do that or listen to it.

Don’t react. This might be my biggest weakness. It’s about time for me to knock it off. Reacting to another person’s emotions only inflames the current situation. The lack of reaction allows the other person to work through whatever it is they’re dealing with. Again, it’s not about me anyway. Unless it is and if it is, that’s a whole nother issue.

So, next time your wondering what you did to make someone who’s behaving grumpy or mad…..don’t. Let your brain rest in the comfort of knowing their problem is not your problem. Don’t make the whole situation worse by being so danged sensitive.

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