It’s a Big Sky World

So much has happened in the last 13 days:

We moved to Bozeman slept there 3 nights, packed up our car and left Bozeman heading back to Indiana. Spent a few days packing up our junk, sorting and regrouping all over again to put our things in another storage unit….cause, we homeless! We rented a big ole U-haul, filled it to the roof and took off back to Bozeman again. For forever.

All in a week, give or take a few days.

I cried a lot for the first 2 days in Indiana. Some of it sheer ache of leaving my family and a little of the D R E A D of all the moving work and traveling across the country to put it all away again in another storage space.

Moving is already painful. It’s hard work and of course it was hotter than heck in Indiana. So, every moment was spent sweating our heads off. If you’ve ever rented a U-haul truck then you know it ain’t a pleasure to drive. Imagine almost 1700 miles of jerking and jiving…. no fun!

But, look….it is all behind us now.

Right this very minute I’m sitting in a swanky sweet cafe in BIG SKY, Montana and it’s the week of the Big Sky Professional Bull Riding event of the year. The town is alive! We arrived last night just to camp out amongst the critters and found MY NEW FAVORITE TOWN! The place was buzzing and a huge Farmer’s Market was blocking the streets. We joined right in and that’s when I knew, Big Sky was stealing my dang heart!

Everything is falling into place, really.

For the last 2 years I have prayed like my life depended on it and THIS is what God is showing me.

— Hang in there. He is working and the blessing will literally blow your socks off. ( I LIVE IN MONTANA, PEOPLE!)

— Trust Him with detail. From the top to the bottom of our needs God has gone beyond and blessed us.

— People don’t know what you’ve been through and that’s okay. We haven’t met a single turd along this MT journey, yet! Every single person has OPENED THEIR ARMS WIDE to welcome us. They are really good at sharing their good fortune of living in the most beautiful state in the USA!

— One thing may lead to another. (I’ll tell ya more on that another time!)

— The peace….it is permeated all through my mind, soul and body right now. Even not having a real house, no big deal! I am in love with this next stage of our lives.

— My husband is so good right now. This crappy crap trip has not been for naught! He starts work Monday and he is going to rock it like a hurricane!

— Still taking applications for besties here. Don’t laugh but….I’ve been offering my friendship to everyone I meet and NOT ONCE has anyone said, “Get lost, loser!”. Even at the gas pump at Costco, made a sister friend who works at the hospital where Don will work. Yea!!

— When we arrived in town on Monday (at lunch time) we had no stinkin idea how we were going to unload that moving truck all by ourselves. We were dead tired from the loading and driving for 3 days…. God provided the most precious 2 young adult dudes to help us! That truck was empty by 9pm and we were D O N E with it all by midnight! 2 days ahead of schedule!


I love that many of you are following along and cheering us to the finish line. Thank you, thank you…..really THANK YOU! The world needs more of YOU’s! People who love and pray and give a rip about people struggling or lost. You make it easier to KEEP ON KEEPING ON!

I can’t wait to get a little more normal and fill my blog with great Montana stories. For now, I gotta run… cause, I’m in BIG SKY y’all!


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