Holding On Loosely

I still cry, a little.

2018 was scary, uncertain and filled with moments that changed me and ultimately rearranged my whole life. A year ago, pretty much everything seemed to be spiraling out of control. Looking back now, I see just how God was orchestrating many hard & difficult things to push me to new heights.

Of all the change, losing my girl Miss Lizzy has been the most challenging. Kids grow up and leave, they have busy lives…animals stick around until they can’t any longer and that’s been a hard hill to climb. I miss her and think about her every day.

Still, I’m focusing on what’s up ahead right now. 2019 holds the promise of so many new and wonderful beginnings for me and for my family. I have learned that not every setback is final, life can go on and it can be amazing in spite of the painful parts.

If trouble has done anything it’s shown me that it doesn’t last forever. Good things come and happier days snuff out the sad ones. It’s all part of the growing in Christ journey. I don’t want to be the same next year that I am today. I want to grow closer to God, wiser to His ways and more confident in sharing who He is to those lost & hurting.

I can’t wait to live every day to the fullest in this new year!

Happy 2019, friends!

PS. I still love Montana! Even at -12 degrees tonight! Brrrrr! I may feel differently after snowmobiling in Big Sky tomorrow.

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