About me, Wanda


mama sun

I’m just an empty nester trying to find her way. My kids are all grown and have made me a grandmother to the two most beautiful baby boys (Georgie & Barrett) all while I’m standing at the threshold of a whole new life.

After a long 2 year walk through the hardest days of our lives, hubby’s unemployment and me finding out that I have the most aggressive type of Rheumatoid Arthritis…we are starting completely over. If you’ve never experienced a game plan change let me be the one to tell you, it ain’t for the faint of heart. Today we are 1700 miles from our grown up kids, living a whole new exciting journey in Bozeman, Montana! All God’s idea.

My days of blogging have gotten limited not because I can’t think of anything to say but because I’m finding that NOT every topic is worth blabbing about. Instead of just talking, I’m trying to be more intentional with the words I share.

I’m opting to love people instead of focusing on all the ways I disagree with them. I won’t tell you how complicated that choice is because you are a human. You already know!

So, if I say something here that offends you…that’s not my intention. I’m made of flesh just like you. I don’t always get it right. My biggest hope is that I point every reader straight to Jesus. Without Him, I’m just a banging gong!

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